Revised BEC Timetable 2021 For PSLE, JCE & BGCSE Examinations

BGCSE Results 2021 Check Here

by Mwanachuo

BGCSE Results 2021 Check Here

BGCSE Results 2021 Check Here Direct Link. The Botswana Examinations Council will inform the public that the 2021/2022 Certificates (BGCSE, JCE and PSLE) despatch date. All school candidates (Government and Private) are therefore requested to contact their Schools/Centres to collect the certificates after the release date.

The certificates will be kept in the schools for a period of 24 months before they are returned to Botswana Examinations Council.It is also to be noted that the release of the certificates invalidates the Statement of Results, which was issued provisionally after the release of results.

BGCSE Results 2021 Check Here
BGCSE Results 2021 Check Here 7

BGCSE Grading System

As a matter of fact, the pass grades for BGCSE are, from highest to lowest, A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and U. The maximum points a student can get is 48 points by six subjects.

GradePercentage (%)Points
A*85 – 1008
A75 – 848
B65 – 747
C55 – 646
D45 – 545
E40 – 444
F35 – 393
G30 – 342
U0 – 290

Botswana BGCSE Results 2021 Release Date:

Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) seems like will release the 2021 BGCSE results on mid of February. Last year it released on 24th February.

BGCSE Results 2021 Check Here Direct Link

Candidates will be able to access the results through the BEC Website as well as through SMS it will cost some Botswana Pula (BWP).



To access your Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) results via mobile phone please send an sms following instructions below;

The candidate must enter the following parameters in the stipulated sequence


  • Go to Compose New Message and type your:
  • Level Center Number
  • Candidate Number
  • Candidate Surname

Please include a space between the parameter values


  • Send your message to 16688


  • You will receive your results via SMS. (Please do not send CALL BACKS or reply to this sms as you will not get any response)


  • Center number should be 5 characters i.e BW plus the three digit center number.
  • Candidate number should be 4 numeric characters.
  • The surname is not cAsE sensitive.

After sending your enquiry please allow few minutes to receive a response. Response may be delayed due to congestion in the lines.
Access of results through SMS is valid for 7 days from the publishing date

The meaning of ‘X’ and ‘U’ symbol in grades (SMS and Website)

  • U denotes that a candidate failed to meet minimum requirements for grade G.
  • X denotes that a candidate failed to meet the requirements for the award of a grade.


BGCSE rresults 2021 are also available from BEC website ( and can be accessed as follows:

  • Open the web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and type to open the Botswana Examinations Council website.
  • Click on Results (The navigator bar is the blue bar that starts with the “home” tab, and also has the “About BEC” tab, “Qualifications” tab, etc”)
  • Click “My Results” on the gold navigation bar that pops up
  • In the “Examination” drop down combo box, select the Examination (in this case select BGCSE) e.g. BGCSE
  • In the “Year” textbox type the year (In this case select 2021)
  • In the “Center Number” textbox type your school’s Center Number

The center number should be 5 characters i.e. BW plus three digit centre number. For example, if your school’s center number is 800 you type BW800. The system will not accept center number without the prefix BW

  • In the “Candidate Id” textbox type your Candidate Number. The system accepts a candidate number with leading zeros and without leading zeros. For example, if your candidate number is 0001, you may type 0001 or 001 or 01 or 1 or 1 and the system will accept any of them
  • In the “Surname’’ text box type your Surname. The Surname is not Case Sensitive
  • Click the “ Show Results ” button.This should display your results indicating the Exam cycle,Year, Center/School subjects and overall grade.


  1. The data entry formats for the Website and the SMS are different
  2. Ensure that both your school’s center number and Candidate number are correct.
  3. Candidates should ensure that their entire subjects are included in the response.
  4. Only the subjects they have been assessed on are included in the response.
  5. Results can be queried within 6 weeks of their release

SMS transmission cannot be garanteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or arrive incomplete. BEC therefore accepts no liability for the content of the SMS messages, or for consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing.

For further information contact 0800 601 025

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