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EMS grade 7 term 2 exam papers | PDF Download

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EMS grade 7 term 2 exam papers | PDF Download, EMS grade 7 term 2 exam papers pdf – EMS grade 7 term 2 test 2022; best pdf free download, The article is about EMS grade 7 term 2 exam papers pdf – EMS grade 7 term 2 test 2022 best pdf free download

EMS grade 7 term 2 exam papers | PDF Download

Economics and Management Sciences

Gr 7 EMS Past Exam Papers

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EMS grade 7 term 2 exam papers pdf – EMS is a practical subject that equips learners with entrepreneurial skills, financial knowledge and real-life skills for personal development and the development of the community. The main topics in EMS are the Economy, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship are integrated to assist learners to become economically and financially literate. EMS forms the foundation for the FET subjects Accounting, Business Studies, and Economics.

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The subject of Economic and Management Sciences deals with the efficient and effective use of different types of private, public or collective resources to satisfy people’s needs and wants. It reflects critically on the impact of resource exploitation on the environment and people. It also deals with the effective management of scarce resources to maximise profit. The purpose is to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that will enable them to adapt, participate and survive in an economically complex society. The Learning Area also aims to promote productivity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

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The EMS curriculum is divided into three topics, namely the economy, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. An overview of the content of this subject entails the following:

  • • The economic problem and the economic cycle
  • • Sustainable growth and development
  • • The business of managing money
  • • Entrepreneurs in business

Economics and Management Sciences: EMS Grade 7 Term 2 Test with Answers:

Tests could be used for summative or formative purposes. They usually consist of a range of questions. Learners are required to respond to questions within a specified time. Tests are usually used to assess the recall of information and cognitive skills such as problem solving or analysis etc. For a paper and pen test objectives tests and assays could be used.

The objective tests could include multiple-choice, matching, true or false, short answer completion or paragraph completion etc.

Read the case study carefully and answer questions that follow.

1. Answer all questions
2. This is an individual work
3. The total mark for the case study is thirty(30)marks.

Read the case study and answer the questions that follow.

Second Term:

5 April – 24 Jun

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