JKT requirements 2022, Mahitaji ya jkt 2022

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JKT requirements 2022, Mahitaji ya jkt 2022

JKT requirements 2022, Mahitaji ya jkt 2022

JKT urges the youths to report with the following equipment: –

  1. An ‘Dark Blue’ colored jacket with a ball at the waist (one) with one bag at the back, the length ends at the knee without zipper.
  2. Green or blue sports rubber.
  3. Two sea blue sheets.
  4. Long black socks.
  5. Cold protection clothing for those assigned to cold regions.
  6. Truck suit in green or blue.
  7. A green flannel with a text without a text.
  8. Fares to go to camps and back home.

The Army for Nation Building (JKT), is inviting young graduates of secondary education form six in 2022, from schools in mainland Tanzania to attend JKT Training in accordance with the Law.

In line with the call, JKT has arranged for them to go to training camps and they are required to report to the camps from 03 to 17 June 2022 Read more here 

Graduates with visual impairment (Physicaldisabilities) reported at the Ruvu JKT camp in Mlandizi Coast Region which has the infrastructure to serve the community members

JKT Chief Major General Rajabu Mabele, welcomes all young people invited to join their fellow youth in learning about Patriotism, National Unity, Work Skills, Life Skills and Willingness to Build and Serve the Nation


You Can Read:

Qualifications of the Applicant are as follows-:

  1. Be a Citizen of Tanzania
  2. Education and Age
    • Young people with Standard Seven education, ages from 16 to 18 years.
    • Young people with Form Four education, age not more than 20 years
    • Young people with a Form Six education should not be under 18 years of age and not more than 22 years.
    • Young people with Diploma education should not be older than 25 years.
    • Undergraduate youth, not older than 26 years.
    • Postgraduate degree, age not more than 30 years.
    • Young people with a PhD degree, not older than 35 years.
    • Young people who have completed primary education should come with real certificates
    • Boy Should Have an Original Birth Certificate
    • A young person should have a valid high school graduation certificate (School Leaving Certificate)
    • Young Person Have an Original Academic Certificate / Transcript
    • For young people who have completed secondary education in Forms Four and Six should have the following achievements.
      1. Form Four Have a pass mark of not less than 32 marks
      2. Form Six should pass first to fourth grade.
  3. Be healthy, sane and have no tattoos
  4. Be disciplined and well behaved and have never been convicted in a court of law and have never been imprisoned.
  5. Must not have served in the Police Force, Prisons, Training College or KMKM or be employed by other government departments.
  6. He should not have gone through JKT in past operations.
  7. Must not be involved in the use of drugs, marijuana or the like.
  8. For those with various sports and Arts talents, the educational qualifications are the same as those mentioned above.
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