Job Opportunities at U.S Embassy in Dar es salaam, April 2021

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Job Opportunities at U.S Embassy in Dar es salaam

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Job Opportunities at U.S Embassy in Dar es salaam. We collect no personal information (PII) about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide this information to us. Submitting personally identifiable information through our website is voluntary, but by doing so, you are giving your permission to use the information for the stated purpose. Not providing certain information may result in the inability to provide you with a service you desire.


  • Announcement Number: DaresSalaam-2021-013
  • Hiring Agency: Embassy Dar Es Salaam
  • Position Title: Security Investigator (Senior) (All Interested Candidates)
  • Open Period: 03/30/2021 – 04/13/2021
  • Format MM/DD/YYYY
  • Vacancy Time Zone: GMT+3
  • Series/Grade: LE – 0705 9Salary: TZS TSh49,597,266
  • Work Schedule: Full-time – 40 hours a week – work schedule
  • Promotion Potential: LE-9
  • Duty Location(s):in Dar Es Salaam, TZ
  • Telework Eligible: No
  • For more Info:  HR Section 000-000-0000


  • Hiring Path: • Open to the public
  • Who May Apply/Clarification From the Agency: All Interested Applicants / All Sources
  • Security Clearance Required: Public Trust – Background Investigation
  • Appointment Type Permanent
  • Appointment Type Details: Indefinite subject to successful completion of probationary period
  • Marketing Statement: We encourage you to read and understand the Eight (8) Qualities of Overseas Employees before you apply.
  • Summary:The U.S. Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Security Investigator (Senior) in the Regional Security Office.
  • Supervisory Position: Yes
  • Relocation Expenses Reimbursed: No
  • Travel Required: Occasional Travel

Job Opportunities at U.S Embassy in Dar es salaam


Supervision, Management and Coordination          40%  

  • Maintains the integrity of post security programs by managing and training FSNI and support staff.
  • Provides oversight and make corrections where needed on background investigations on local staff and contractors, as well as other types of investigations.

Investigation    30%

  • Conducts special investigations of illegal or criminal activities, often of sensitive nature.
  • Prepares detailed investigative reports and testifies in judicial proceedings regarding criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Liaison       20%

  • Maintains effective liaison with officials of the host country to include civilian, military, and police at both policy-making and operational levels.
  • Utilizes contacts to conduct sensitive investigations, negotiates post security requirements, coordinates U.S. dignitary visits, arranges ambassadorial security, and facilitates international conferences.
  • Travels to different cities in the country to coordinate with local authorities to facilitate VIP travels.

Threat Analysis   10%

  • Gathers and evaluates intelligence information concerning threats against post personnel, facilities, or information.
  • Develops local contacts to receive and verify criminal, counterintelligence, terrorist or other threat information.
  • Monitors criminal and terrorist activities and any relevant socio-political developments in country and reports on their impact on post security environment.

**Note: This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the incumbent. Incumbent will be required to perform other duties as assigned by the agency.


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