Jordan University College (Juco)

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Jordan University College (Juco)

Jordan University College (Juco). what do we know about Jordan University College (Juco) admissions, courses, Online application, Selected candidates, fee structure, Results & contacts details, want to know more about Jordan University College (Juco)? You’re in the right place?

Jordan University College (Juco)

About Jordan University College (Juco)

The Jordan University College (Juco), commonly referred to as Chuo Cha Jordan, JUCO is the one of the unique and most growing universities in Tanzania.. JUCO is devoted to create and expand opportunities for quality higher education in Tanzania and beyond by offering competitive, demand-driven and community-relevant academic and professional degree and non-degree programmes. It also offers high quality academic programmes aiming at solving problems of the society and contributing to the development of the country As a fast growing academia of intellectuals, we warmly welcome you to be part of this.

Jordan University College (Juco)

Jordan University College (Juco) Latest Admission Updates & Highlights

If you are applying to Jordan University College (Juco), here are some of the most useful information that you need to Know about Jordan University College (Juco), Check full details below

PhD Programmes
SNProgramme nameDurationFee Per Year(TZS)
1PhD in Philosophy3 Years4,130,000
2PhD in Theology3 Years4,130,000
Masters Programmes
SNProgramme nameDurationFee Per Year(TZS)
1Master of Art in Philosophy2 Years2,140,000
2Master of Arts in Theology2 Years2,140,000
3Master of Business Administration in Finance and Corporate Management2 Years2,540,000
4Master of Education (Curriculum And Instruction)2 Years2,540,000
5Master of Education (Planning And Administration)2 Years2,540,000
6Master of Religious Studies with Education2 Years2,540,000
Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
SNProgramme nameDurationFee Per Year(TZS)
1Postgraduate Diploma in Education1 Year3,110,000
Bachelor Degree Programmes
SNProgramme nameDurationFee Per Year(TZS)
1Bachelor of Accounting and Finance3 Years1,730,000
2Bachelor of Arts in Economics3 Years1,730,000
3Bachelor of Arts in Education with Religious Studies3 Years1,790,000
4Bachelor of Arts In Library, Records And Information Management3 Years1,710,000
5Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy3 Years1,830,000
6Bachelor of Arts in Sociology3 Year975,000
7Bachelor of Arts in Theology4 Years1,830,000
8Bachelor of Arts with Education3 Years1,790,000
9Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)3 Years1,730,000
10Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)3 Years1,730,000
11Bachelor of Business Administration (Procurement)3 Years1,730,000
12Bachelor of Laws (LLB)4 Years1,730,000
13Bachelor of Science in Psychology And Counselling3 Years1,790,000
14Bachelor Science in Computer Science3 Years1,790,000
Diploma Programmes
SNProgramme nameDurationFee Per Year(TZS)
1Ordinary Diploma in Accountancy2 Years1,200,000
2Ordinary Diploma in Business Administration2 Years1,200,000
3Ordinary Diploma in Community Development2 Years1,200,000
4Ordinary Diploma in Computing, Information Communication Technology2 Years1,200,000
5Ordinary Diploma in Education with Religious Studies2 Years1,200,000
6Ordinary Diploma in Law2 Years1,200,000
7Ordinary Diploma in Procurement And Supply Chain Management2 Years1,200,000
8Ordinary Diploma in Psychology And Counselling2 Years1,200,000
9OrdinaryDiploma in Records, Archives And Information Management2 Years1,200,000
Certificate Programmes
SNProgramme nameDurationFee Per Year(TZS)
1Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy1 Year975,000
2Basic Technician Certificate in Business Administration1 Year975,000
3Basic Technician Certificate in Community Development1 Year975,000
4Basic Technician Certificate in Computing,Information Communication Technology1 Year975,000
5Basic Technician Certificate in Law1 Year975,000
6Basic Technician Certificate in Procurement And Supply Chain Management1 Year975,000
7Basic Technician Certificate in Psychology and Counselling1 Year975,000
8Basic Technician Certificate in Records, Archive And Information Management1 Year975,000
9Basic Tehnician Certificate in Education with Religious Studies1 Year975,000

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the Jordan University College (Juco) by visiting the official website:

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