List Of 38 Schools Cancelled NECTA PLSE Results 2020

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List Of 38 Schools Cancelled NECTA PLSE Results 2020

List Of Schools Cancelled NECTA PLSE Results 2020. The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) has canceled the results of 1,059 candidates from 38 schools who cheated in the standard Seven National exams this year.

Announcing the results today, Saturday, November 21, 2020 in Dar es Salaam, NECTA Executive Secretary, Dr. Charles Msonde said the candidates will not get another chance to repeat the exams.

Msonde said despite the examinations committee fulfilling their responsibilities well, there were a few instances of exam fraud in some schools in the country.

“A total of 38 schools, equivalent to 0.22 percent of all 17,329 primary schools that took the exams, have been found to have cheated on exams in various ways. 1,059 candidates equivalent to 0.1 percent of all 1,023,950 candidates who took the exams were found to be cheating, ”said Dr Msonde.

He said the schools committed various offenses including stealing exams, distributing answers to students and changing candidates by placing unrealistic exams for students.

List Of Schools Cancelled NECTA PLSE Results 2020

Schools identified for the fraud include Ngiloli, Nguyami, Ibuti, Ihenje, Bwawani, Mogohigwa, Chakwale, Msingisi in Gairo Council.

Others are Mafiri, Kibogoji, Ng’wambe, Digalama, Dihinda from Mvomero Council and Nyawa A primary schools located in Bariadi Rural Council (Simiyu).

Other schools are Chabutwa Council, Sikonge Tabora including Chabutwa Primary School, Usagari, Uyui Tabora Siashimbwe located in Moshi Kilimanjaro, Dominion Arusha, Tandahimba Mtwara Crisis, Ng’arita Bariadi rural Simiyu region, Olkitikiti Kiteto located in Manyara and Nyamimina Buchosa Mwanza.

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