Marketable Courses 2022 | Kozi Za Kusoma Chuo Kikuu 2022

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Marketable Courses 2022 | Kozi Za Kusoma Chuo Kikuu 2022, Kozi Bora Chuo, Best Course, Jinsi Ya Kuchagua Kozi Marketable Courses. I would like to combine both Form 6 leavers and Diploma holder in Recognition of the course selecting in level of degree 2019 Marketable Courses to study from your subject combination of A-level and for those from diploma holder. Kozi Zenye Ajira Tanzania that you have to know so as to choose good program to study. Marketable course in terms of Employment opportunities, Future market programmes for developing country like Tanzania and challenges of particular programme in different Tanzania Universittes from Competition in Selection of programs

Marketable Courses 2022 | Kozi Za Kusoma Chuo Kikuu 2022

1.Marketable Courses Guidance for Programme Selection for PCB and diploma releated subjects.

  • Doctor of medicine has high competition for all universities if your average masks is low be care to select it.
  • Bsc. Pharmacy
  • Bsc. Nursing
  • Bsc. Medical laboratory science
  • Bsc. Microbiology
  • Bsc. Molecular biology & Biotechnology
  • Bsc. Biotechnology & Laboratory science
  • Bsc. Food science & Technology
  • Bsc. Agronomy
  • Bsc. Animal science & production
  • Bsc. Wildlife management
  • Bsc. Veterinary medicine
  • Bsc. Forestry
  • Bsc. Agricultural general
  • Bsc. With Education

2.Guidance for Programmes Selection for PCM Combination and Diploma related subjects, All field of Engineering has Civil Engineering.

  • Mechanical Eng,
  • Electronics & Telecommunications Eng,
  • Electrical Eng,Computer Eng,
  • Agricultural Eng, Irrigation & Water resource Eng,
  • architecture, Quantity Survey, Geomatics,
  • Actuarialscience, Computer science, ICT,
  • Chemical & Processing Eng
  • Petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, petroleum chemistry
  • Geology,
  • Engineering geology
  • Bsc. With Education

3.Guidance for Combinations of CBG & CBA na diploma zinazo relate na Tahasusi hii ANAWEZA CHAGUA KOZI ZOTE AMBAZO ZIPO KWENYE TAHASUSI YA PCB ISIPOKUWA (M. D)

4.Guidance for Combination ya PGM na kozi za diploma zinazo relate nayo ANAWEZA CHAGUA KOZI ZOTE AMBAZO ZIPO KWENY TAHASUSI YA PCM Pia kozi zengine ni Kama:

  • Aircraft
  • Maintenance Engineering but Ada yake Iko juu sana

5.Guidance for kozi za kuchagua kwa Tahasusi Ya EGM & HGE Na diploma zinazo relate na Tahasusi hii

  • Bsc. Agricultural economics & Agribusiness
  • Bsc. Building Econmics
  • Bsc. Actuarialscience
  • Bsc. Irrigation & Water res Eng, Agricultural Eng (O level Science)
  • Bsc. Architecture
  • B. A Economics & Statistics
  • Bsc. Computer science, Bsc ICT
  • B.A land management & Valuation
  • B. A Economics
  • B. A Accounting & Finance
  • Bsc. With Education

6.MUONGOZO WA kozi za kuchagua kwa Tahasusi ya ECA na diploma zinazo relate nazo

  • Bsc. Agricultural economics & Agribusiness
  • B. A accounting & Finance
  • B Business Administrator ( Accounting & Finance)
  • B Banking&Finance, B Economics & Finance, B Procurement & Logistic Supply/Mgt
  • B. A with Education

7.Marketable Courses Guidance for kozi za kuchagua kwa Tahasusi za HGL, HGK & HKL na diploma zinazo relate na hii Tahasusi

  • LL. B (B. Law)
  • B. Land management & Valuation
  • B. A Human resource management
  • All kozi relate with community development & Planning
  • B. A with Education.
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