3 New Job Opportunities at MTWARA MIKINDANI Municipal Council

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3 New Job Opportunities at MTWARA MIKINDANI Municipal Council. Mtwara (Portuguese: Montewara) is the capital city of Mtwara Region in southeastern Tanzania. In the 1940s, it was planned and constructed as the export facility for the disastrous Tanganyika groundnut scheme, but was somewhat neglected when the scheme was abandoned in 1951. The city is spread out over a large area planned to accommodate up to 200,000 people. The present population is around 108000. As part of the development associated with the failed Tanganyika groundnut scheme, Mtwara features a deep-water port that can accommodate ocean-going vessels, and a range of large municipal buildings, including a post office. Recent improvements in the port made it possible for big container ships to berth there. Government Jobs Opportunities MTWARA Municipal Council 2022, Ajira Mpya MTWARA 2022, Nafasi Za Kazi Serikalini 2022, Jobs in Tanzania 2022: New Government Jobs Opportunities at MTWARA Municipal Council, 2022, NAFASI ZA KAZI HALMASHAURI YA MANISPAA MTWARA

Road: Mtwara has reasonable transport links considering its remoteness in southern Tanzania. It is linked by paved roads with Dar es Salaam and Lindi to the north and Masasi inland and by partially paved roads to Newala in-land to the west. Beyond Masasi the road is newly paved for some 60 km towards Tunduru and the Unity Bridge which provides a crossing point to Mozambique.
Airport The A19 links it with Mbamba Bay on Lake Malawi in the west. It features an airport with a paved runway that can accommodate medium size passenger jets. Precision Air runs a daily morning flight between Mtwara Airport and Dar es Salaam and Air Tanzania offers a flight in the afternoon. The flight time is around an hour. Facilities for landing do not allow for planes to use the airport when it is hidden in mist. .

New Job Opportunities at MTWARA MIKINDANI Municipal Council

New Government Job Opportunities at Mtwara Municipal Council, 2022
Today we announce jobs at MTWARA Municipal Council. Read carefully all currently available jobs descriptions by downloading PDF File attached….

Full details and apply through the link below:
Position: Secretary (3 Vacancies)
Deadline: 06th June, 2022.

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