Nine suspended from Work Dar Airport

Nine suspended from Work Dar Airport

by Mwanachuo

Nine suspended from Work Dar Airport

Nine employees have been suspended from the Covid-19 testing unit for passengers at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA).

Nine suspended from Work Dar Airport

The order was issued on Monday, July 12, 2021 by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Professor Abel Makubi during a visit to the Airport to inspect the implementation of instructions given yesterday when he arrived there accompanied by a fellow secretary of the Ministry of Health. Transportation

Nine suspended from Work Dar Airport

Professor Makubi said he was not happy with the misconduct, committed by staff not to come to work without giving official notice to the leadership yesterday and today.

“Yesterday eight employees did not arrive and today one without giving a basic reason, the total is nine,” he noted.

He added: “It has been shown here that the practice of some employees not coming to work has been there, now this is very sad for some leaders to fail to take appropriate action and protect each other by hiding rot.”

“So those who did not arrive yesterday, a total of eight and four of them were employed by the Ministry of Health and four were employed by the Municipality of Dar es Salaam, they are under the RAS of Dar es Salaam,”

“I have instructed those under the Ministry of Health to stop working so that we can investigate and take appropriate action.”

“This is a high level of misconduct where an employee decides to stop coming to work and cause inconvenience to colleagues and passengers who come here because he or her gap has not been covered’ by anyone,” he stressed.

Nine suspended from Work Dar Airport
Professor Abel Makubi

Professor Makubi added, “But also those who are employed by the RAS Office I will advise the relevant authorities to take the same steps that have been taken against these ministries.”

He said the government could not tolerate undisciplined and disrespectful staff.

“Those are the steps we have taken, but we will also make sure we bring in ‘nine’ replacements’ so that they can continue, so that we do not affect these testing activities here at the airport,” he said.

He warned health workers in the country to be ready to work wherever they are assigned.

“Let them go and work. It’s not that if you are sent to one side you decide to boycott like these which they decided to do because they were relocated from their previous stations and brought here.”

He called on all health workers to prioritize high-level patriotism in the performance of their duties and with dedication.

“When we do a survey, it is a test that represents the image of our country. So anyone who is brought here means the one who gives a picture of our country as a whole.”

“As he treats travelers, his customer care and himself to work hard when they get here. I urge the staff to put patriotism first in their work but also to be responsible for what they have been assigned to do to avoid complaints from the public.

“I know many dedicated staff but for these few I ask them to focus on patriotism, responsibility and good ‘customer care’ when serving the people,” he instructed.

Earlier, Professor Makubi said the instructions given by his fellow secretary of the Ministry of Transport have been implemented including the addition of staff in the testing area.

“I am relieved that more improvements have been made, especially in addition to testing areas but also areas where passengers may be being tested.”

“I have seen they have added one side that passengers will be entering following the line and also at a distance of one meter per turn.

“But also on the left and on my own I have found there have been added areas where they will be entering and tested and there are 20 staff we have added as we were talking about in those days,” he said.

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