TCU Admission Window 2021/22 are opened

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TCU Admission Window 2021/22 are opened

TCU Admission Window 2021/22 are opened. The Tanzania Colleges and Universities Commission (TCU) would like to inform the public, Higher Education Institutions and all Higher Education Stakeholders in and out of
the country following the announcement of the results of the form Six Examinations, the Commission has opened the admission application window for applicants First Degree from today on 12/7/2021 instead of a date 15/7/2021 originally scheduled. This window will be open until dated 05/8/2021. For different Universities admission system check Here 

TCU Admission Window 2021/22 are opened

The Commission encourages all applicants for admission to continue receiving information
signed via TCU website, accredited college websites admission to Undergraduate students, as well as information
range provided by TCU through the media.

Similarly, the Commission calls on applicants for admission and citizens to generally attending the 16th Exhibition of Higher Education, Science and Technology to be held at Mnazi Mmoja Stadium, Dar es Salaam where they will have the opportunity to meet face to face with the Colleges Higher Education. The exhibition will take place from July 26 to July 31, 2021.

TCU Admission Window 2021/22 are opened
TCU Admission Window 2021/22 are opened 2

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Procedure for Submitting Application for Admission for the Academic Year 2021/2022

Groups of Applicants for Admission Application for Admission to Undergraduate Degree will apply three groups of applicants:

  • Qualified Form Six qualifications;
  • Qualified Diploma (Ordinary Diploma), or symmetrical qualities; and
  • Qualified Qualifications for Original Certificate (Foundation Certificate) of the Open University of Tanzania.

To understand the qualifications for the three categories mentioned above, applicants are instructed to read the criteria indicated in
TCU (Undergraduate Admission) Guidebooks for 2021/2022) available on the TCU website

Procedure for Submitting Application for Admission

  • Applications should be sent directly to the colleges where the applicant has selected and selected study programs he loves them. Guide to authorized programs admission and eligible criteria (Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2021/2022) are available on the website TCU
  • Specific instructions on how to submit applications are provided and relevant colleges.

Criteria and Qualifications of Applicants for Admission

Criteria and features in various study programs
are available in TCU manuals (Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2021/2022) at TCU website

Key Issues to Be Considered by Applicants

  • Read the admission manual provided by TCU to pay attention and understand before you start sending any application
    of admission;
  • Log in to college websites to find out referral procedures application;
  • Sending applications directly to colleges through systems electronically set by the respective colleges;
  • Contact the colleges directly and get information detailed about study programs to satisfy yourself before send requests; and
  • Applicants with certificates issued by the councils of Examinations abroad must submit their certificates to the Council of the National Examinations of Tanzania (NECTA) for Education Certificates of Secondary or National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) for Diploma certificates to obtain certification of compatibility of their qualifications before submitting application for admission.


The Commission calls on all applicants for the First Degree, if any they will need to get clarification on any issue related to admission,
contact them directly with the respective colleges. In addition, if they will need

For more information, contact TCU by mail
pepe TCU urges citizens to avoid being misled by so-called people agents or counselors claiming to provide services on how to join tertiary institutions in the country.

For more information get attached PDF file below.


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