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The University of South Africa UNISA Email Address

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The University of South Africa UNISA Email Address, Unisa offers a free MyLife email address for all registered students. It is your duty to enable your myLife email account as soon as you finalize your registration. Your email account with myLife will be the only email account recognised by Unisa for official communications to and from the university and will remain the official primary e-mail address registered with Unisa

The University of South Africa UNISA Email Address

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Unisa myLife Email Address


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Please follow these steps in order to access your MyLife e-mail account:

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Step 1; Visit Unisa mylife homepage (http:/

Step 2; Enter your e-mail address in full and your MyLife e-mail account password.

Step 3; Select “Sign in”

Note that your Unisa Login password is your password for your Unisa myLife email address. If you have not claim your Unisa logins then follow the following steps to claim it.

How To Claim myLife Email Account password

Step 1; Go to the homepage of myUnisa (

Step; Click on the “Claim Unisa login” link.

Step 3; Enter your student number. In case you have forgotten your student number, please follow the steps below to recover or retrieve it:

  • Click on “Forgotten Student Number? in the left navigation bar on the homepage of myUnisa.
  • Enter the require details to search for your student number. Read through the instructions provided in order not to make mistakes but retrieve student number successfully.

Step 4: Enter your personal information. Enter your personal details and remember to enter either an ID number or a passport number, not both. Also, the details you enter will be compared to your biographical information in Unisa Student Student.

Step 5: Read the guidelines.Each statement has a check box next to it for you to click to acknowledge that you have read it.

Step 6; Your Unisa Password. Your initial Unisa password for both myUnisa and myLife E-mail account will appear on the screen.

Step 7; Login to your myLife e-mail account. Click on myLife email on myUnisa homepage then enter your password to access your email account.

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